Gruppo Vercelli,
excellence is served

The brands of Casa Vercelli

The best of traditional Italian beef

A selection of the highest quality meat: this is La Selezione di Casa Vercelli, with which the Gruppo Vercelli rediscovers traditional Italian recipes.
A product range prepared with selected meats and enriched with Mediterranean flavours, ready to be served on the table and to prepare delicious recipes.

A tale of taste, from farm to table

Excellent veal specialities gathered under Il Vitello di Casa Vercelli brand: from I Già cotti nel Sacco to meat salad, from meatballs to hamburgers.
The highest quality products, with traceability certification and made only with meat from calves bred in Italy through our own production chain.

For meat professionals and restaurateurs

We specialise in excellence, even in the catering sector
PRO Chef is the Gruppo Vercelli's selection of veal cuts for the catering industry. The product range for the hospitality industry includes an exceptionally varied choice of cuts, available both fresh and frozen.

The quality mark of the Piedmontese supply chain

Only and exclusively Piedmontese supply chain: this is the promise of the Gruppo Vercelli's Prodotto del Piemonte rosette, the guarantee of premium quality and certified origin from Piedmontese farms. By choosing this meat, you choose a more eco-sustainable trade.

Latest News

Top Innovation Award at Anuga 2023

We are pleased to announce an important recognition for the product line "I Già cotti nel sacco".

Two new products for "I Già cotti nel sacco"

Veal ossobuco and veal shank are the new products in the range of low-temperature cooked cuts.

Il Vitello di Casa Vercelli at Anuga 2023

From 7 to 11 October, Gruppo Vercelli will attend the famous trade fair in Cologne.

We look forward to seeing you at "The Farm in Town"

The event that brings to Vercelli the beauty of the countryside returns from 31 May to 4 June.

Gruppo Vercelli, tradition and quality

Allevamento vitelli

Gruppo Vercelli is one of the largest Italian food groups and one of the most modern industries in Europe in the beef sector. 
The Group is organised over a wide territory, through a network of farms that work in synergy according to an integrated supply chain policy with the slaughtering facilities.
The Gruppo Vercelli thus brings together, under family management, a wealth of resources and skills capable of satisfying the market's most demanding requirements in terms of quality, variety, safety and flexibility of supply.

Hamburger in un piatto

Energy from renewable sources

Gruppo Vercelli commits to environmental sustainability through tangible measures, such as the ecological choice for the energy supply
Thanks to the photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs of the buildings and the farms, the Group produces clean energy equivalent to 52% of its needs. Moreover, all the energy produced at the Formigliana plant is used directly within the facility.

Grafico energia

Every year, the use of solar energy produced by the Gruppo Vercelli reduces emissions by over 2000 tonnes of CO₂, equivalent to the amount that 650 hectares of forest could absorb in one year.

Pannelli fotovoltaici